Lions Head Collection

Inspired by the winemakers’ craft, this collection is an expression of next generation wines. Tim and Sabrina Persson created this collection to ignite conversation around the artistry of these wines, and the dynamic, captivating process of winemaking.

Lions Head Collection

Our Story & History

The Lions Head Collection was founded by Tim and Sabrina Persson, visionaries of next generation luxury wines. From the beginning they have been driven to overcome some of nature’s most difficult obstacles. Now, more than ever, their passion perseveres to create wine inspired by the need for expression and connection.

Lions Head Collection

Our Wines

This modern and sophisticated collection of wines is carefully curated leveraging contemporary wine making technology and blending practices to showcase the optimal expression of the lands they come from.

Lions Head Collection

Cellar & Technology

When the Lions Head cellar was rebuilt in 2014, following a 7.2 earthquake, it was an opportunity to invest in the future. Today, the Lions Head Cellar is home to some of the most progressive winemaking technology available, including an optical sorter and double-walled fermentation tanks. This technology allows the winemakers to experiment and control the winemaking process from start to finish, and ultimately, to deliver the highest quality wines.

Wine Spotlight

LION TAMER RED brings all the roar of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Sirah, and when blended with Malbec, produces a big, lush wine that finishes with smooth and tamed round tannins.

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Lions Head Collection

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