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Cellar and Technology

When an earthquake rattled through Napa in 2014, our original cellar was destroyed. From this destruction, came new life — it provided an opportunity to start new with the most state of the art technology available. The investment in this technology allows our winemakers to marry a winemaker’s intuition and artistry with the science of winemaking.

Optical Sorter

Selecting the Highest Quality Fruit

The first technology of its kind, an optical sorter allows our winemakers to select only the most perfect berries to make into wine. From color, to size and weight, the optical sorter will remove any individual berry that does not meet our quality standards and we know the best quality wines start with the best quality grapes.

Small Lot Fermentation Tanks

Creating The Optimal Environment

In winemaking, temperature and time are key in developing elegant and nuanced flavors. Our small lot fermentation tanks are double insulated and can be precisely controlled from the winemakers phone or tablet from anywhere. This provides control to ensure every moment, from berry to bottle, is optimal to bring out the best expression in the wine.

Whether it’s an optical sorter that allows us to really dial in and select only the best fruit from the vineyard or whether it’s our small lot fermentation tanks, which are double insulated and controlled by iPads and allow us to really control the temperature for fermentation in a way that previously wasn’t possible, or whether it’s the way in which we do sensory analysis in our labs, all of this has a place in great wine, and all of it allows us to push the boundaries that much more forward.

— Tim Persson.


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