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Boldness doesn’t always have to roar. The power of these wines comes from the adept control and balance of fruit, acid, oak and time. Panthera wines are inspired by the subtleties in strength—captured through the bright acidity created by the cool climate in the Sonoma Coast and coaxed into powerful flavors by the winemaker at the blending table.

Sonoma Vineyards

At a Glance


“Panthera Pinot Noir showcases dynamic tension in winestyle as this wine displays both a vibrant purity of fruit and a confident oak profile. Expansive and silky on palate, notes of red plum, raspberry compote and Bing cherry work in harmony with elegant tannins, supported by a signature backbone of acidity nurtured on the Sonoma Coast. The deft baseline of toasted oak introduces hints of clove and baking spice to round out the perfectly balanced, lingering finish.”
– Stephanie Pope, Winemaker


Our Lions Head Cellar houses some of the most progressive winemaking technology allowing our winemakers to craft wines of exceptional quality that showcase the distinctive lands they come from. The winemakers leverage tools like our optical sorter, which ensures only the highest quality berries are delivered to the fermentation tanks; and cutting-edge tanks, which facilitate 24/7 monitoring of pumpovers and micro-adjustments to be made throughout the winemaking process.

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