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The Unshakeable Dream

Lions Head Collection

The Unshakeable Dream

Lion Tamer began in the rubble of the 2014 Napa Valley earthquake. These wines embody the dream to create future-focused wines driven by artistry and connection.

Lion Tamer wines from The Lions Head Collection are devoted to redefining what a bold Napa Valley wine can be by exploring new blending styles and listening to the land. Lion Tamer Cabernet Sauvignon is deliciously bold with notes of black fruits, but nicely tamed by our mountain-grown Malbec. That same Malbec plays a leading role in Lion Tamer Red Blend, making it soft and enjoyable.

The Unshakeable Dream 2-pack includes one bottle each:

  • 2021 Lion Tamer Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley - 95 POINTS, Wine Enthusiast
  • 2021 Lion Tamer Red Blend, Napa Valley - 92 POINTS, Wine Enthusiast


The Lions Head Cellar houses progressive winemaking technology allowing our winemakers to craft wines of exceptional quality that showcase the distinctive lands from which they come. Tools like our optical sorter ensure only the highest quality berries are delivered to the fermentation tanks; the cutting-edge tanks facilitate 24/7 monitoring, allowing adjustments to be made throughout the winemaking process.

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