Allomi Vineyard

The Allomi Vineyard is located on the eastern base of Howell Mountain in one of the more remote areas of Napa County, Pope Valley. The combination of a long, warm growing season and well-drained soils creates optimal ripening conditions.

The site is named in honor of the original Spanish land grant to which the native Patwin people lent their name—Rancho Locoallomia. This area also was home to one of the first wheat mills in California, which earned it the nickname “Breadbasket of the Pacific,” and also gave rise to a small whiskey industry.

Vineyard Specifics

Acreage: 205 acres

Varietals Planted: Cabernet Sauvignon (150 acres), Sauvignon Blanc (27 acres), Petite Sirah (24 acres), Petit Verdot (4 acres)

Elevation: 770-950 feet above sea level

Exposure: Southwest

Microclimate: This region is remarkable for heat during the summers and very cold winters. The growing season starts later than it does on Mount Veeder, yet it accelerates during warmer days and ultimately finishes sooner.

Soil: Shallow clay loams about 3 feet deep and Alluvium, freshly eroded rock, carried by water off the hillside. The lower portion of the vineyard has slightly deeper soils, well-suited to growing Sauvignon Blanc, while the gentle slopes on the upper part of the vineyard have much shallower, rockier soils.

Trellis: Vertical Shoot Positioning (VSP) This trellis system supports the upright shoot growth of the vine and allows the vines to be trimmed to allow more sunlight onto the grapes and to control the growth of the vine.

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