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Varietal Overview

Aromas and flavors of dark red fruits such as sour Bing Cherry and black Cherry framed with Asian Five Spice.

At a Glance

taste + style

“An earthy elegance is a phrase we associate with the Pratt Vineyard, which consistently delivers aromas and flavors of dark red fruits such as sour Bing Cherry and Black Cherry framed with Asian Five Spice and cinnamon, a touch of dried herbs and cardamom. Bright and decidedly lively, it’s a wine with a reputation, and in this case, the reputation is enviable, a solid, sought after Pinot Noir each vintage.” –James MacPhail, Consulting Winemaker

Vineyard + Production

Small Block wines honor the winemaker’s art, exploring vineyards in depth, embracing artisan winemaking techniques. Jim Pratt began developing this vineyard in the late 1990s, on a site south of Graton and West of Sebastopol on the far western portions of the Sonoma Coast in an area known as Laguna Hills and more recently, the Sebastopol Hills. Ridges are mostly northeast to southwest oriented, falling within the main watershed for Atascadero Creek, which flows north into Green Valley creek and on into the Russian River. The slightly sloping hillside receives the classic morning fog and warm afternoons common to the coastal region, producing fruit with great acidity. Goldridge sandy loam soils, unique to the area, are well drained and offer a perfect foundation for the vineyard, which lies next to our Mardikian Estate vineyard. Pinot Noir from the Pratt Sexton Road vineyard is prized among vintners, and is often cited for having a recognizable aroma, affectionately called the “Pratt Nose”.

Food + Wine Pairing

This wine is anything but delicate and has flavors to complement many cuisines;. mushroom or beet risotto, CK lamb or Sonoma duck breast, roast tenderloin or salmon and pork loins sauced with fruits. On the cheese board, I would recommend Brie, Camembert, Gruyere, Goat and Sheep cheeses. –Chad Hendrickson, Executive Chef

Small Block Series

The Small Block Series allows us to donate 1% of the sale of this wine to organizations who share our view of sustainability, such as 1% for the Planet. Learn more at Sustainability Practices.