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Varietal Overview

Small Block wines honor the winemaker’s art, exploring new vineyards, unusual varietals and artisan techniques. This dry Petite Sirah Rosé is 100% from our Allomi Vineyard in Northeast Napa Valley. Grapes from this vineyard are sustainably farmed.

At a Glance

taste + style

“Dry and crisp, light and refreshing, this beautiful Rosé presents aromas of strawberry and watermelon that invite the palate. Delicious flavors of pomegranate, cranberry and red raspberry delight the mouth, and deliver a refreshing acidity that is complemented by a slightly savory note of rhubarb. Not at all sweet, this wine is elegant, well-balanced and best enjoyed in the company of good friends.” -Dave Guffy, Director of Winemaking

Vineyard + Production

Our Petite Sirah Rosé hails from Allomi Vineyard in Northeast Napa Valley.

Food + Wine Pairing

“The wine pairs well with salty/sweet combinations like prosciutto, melon and Manchego cheese or fresh field greens with raspberry vinaigrette and feta cheese.” –Chad Hendrickson, Executive Chef

Small Block Series

The Small Block Series allows us to donate 1% of the sale of this wine to organizations who share our view of sustainability, such as 1% for the Planet. Learn more at Sustainability Practices.

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