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Varietal Overview

This artful blend highlights five exceptional vineyards throughout the famed Sonoma Coast. Daily influence from the Pacific Ocean along with the rolling benchlands and rich soils of the region yield this exceptional Pinot Noir.

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Sonoma Coast Vineyard

At a Glance

taste + style

“In this vintage, we had a rare opportunity to offer a reflection of Sonoma County, and in clearer focus, the Sonoma Coast, in a blend that features select lots from several vineyards. An array of Pinot Noir clones lead to a beautiful wine with aromas of fresh berries, smoky notes and earth tones on this classic Sonoma Coast blend. The wine is complex with layers of red fruits – specifically dried cherries and raspberries that are supported by beautiful acidity and silky tannins. A hint of vanilla oak sweetness shows through a lengthy and persistent finish. With a touch of personality from each of the vineyards, it’s a very special wine indeed.” –Dave Guffy, Director of Winemaking


The real story behind the 2015 growing season was that it was one of the earliest harvests on record, featuring variability in crop size, with some grapes affected more than others. As the drought continued, an early bud-break in spring led to a protracted bloom and fruit set, followed by cool weather that extended deep into May. Heat was minimal through the summer, but fruit marched quickly to ripening, even as an early September sprinkle slowed the pace for just a moment. In the end, we saw a slightly less abundant harvest than the immediately preceding years, but the exceptional quality ruled the day!

Food + Wine Pairing

Mushroom or Beet Risotto, CK Lamb or Sonoma Duck breast. Roast tenderloin, salmon and pork loins sauced with fruits. On the cheese board: Brie, Camembert, Gruyere, Goat and Sheep cheeses. This is a versatile wine with flavors to complement many cuisines.. –Chad Hendrickson, Executive Chef

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Home » Small Block » Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir
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