Espresso Semifreddo

Pair with our Small Block Series Collector’s Cuvée


4 oz. egg yolks
2 ¼ cup sugar (divided in half)
1 Tbsp. coffee extract
4 oz. heavy cream
1 ea. gelatin sheet
3 oz. egg whites
⅛ tsp. cream of tartar

Chocolate sauce
Candied or toasted almonds
Dried strawberries or fresh raspberries
Almond ice cream


  1. Whisk egg yolks and 1⅛ cups sugar over a hot water bath (double boiler) in medium size bowl. Whisk until mixture is pale, doubled in volume and cooked to 170º F.
  2. Remove from heat and add coffee extract. Set aside.
  3. Bloom gelatin in cold water. Once bloomed squeeze out excess liquid and set aside.
  4. Whip heavy cream to soft peaks, set aside.
  5. In a separate bowl, combine egg whites, cream of tartar and 1⅛ cups of sugar. Cook over a hot water bath to 120º F.
  6. Add the bloomed gelatin and whip until cool and stiff peaks have formed.
  7. Once cool, fold the meringue into the coffee mixture, then fold in the whipped cream.
  8. Using a mold like a muffin tin or a cake pan (you can get creative), line it with plastic wrap first and then transfer the mixture to your desired mold. Freeze overnight.

Serving Tip
Serve with a drizzle of chocolate sauce, candied or toasted almonds, berries of your choice, and almond ice cream.


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