Sander Scheer

Director, Vineyard Operations

Sander Scheer believes in the truism that 
great wine is made in the vineyard. Moving that central idea into action in all The Hess Collection vineyards is his singular focus and responsibility.

Farming winegrapes sustainably is a complex undertaking, and each vineyard has its own personality and unique set of demands. At Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo Sander studied viticulture and gained insights rooted in practical applications of science and the knowledge gained from a consensus of traditional, effective approaches. But it has been in the vineyard, high on Mount Veeder or deep in the Salinas Valley in Monterey, where Sander learns each growing season’s lessons that may prove valuable in the future, when conditions change again.

Sander oversees vineyards in Monterey, where Chardonnay is produced, and in several Napa sites, including the home vineyards on Mount Veeder, Allomi vineyard in Pope Valley and the Su’skol vineyard near San Pablo Bay. He leads a dedicated team of vineyard workers and works hand in hand with Hess winemakers, making decisions about how vineyards are planted and tended, how to deal with each season’s challenges, and how to deliver on the promise Donald Hess set forth when he first arrived in Napa: respect the land.

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