Su’skol Vineyard

The Su’skol Vineyard benefits from its proximity to the San Pablo and San Francisco Bays. The vineyard is named for the native Su’skol people who used the site as a meeting place and valued the nearby sources of fish and game.

General Mariano Vallejo offered a portion of Rancho Nacional de Suscol to be used as a capital for the newly formed state of California. Yet, its use as a capital city was short-lived, thus preserving the open land.

Vineyard Specifics

Acreage: 155 acres

Varietals Planted: Chardonnay (155 acres)

Elevation: 50-75 feet above sea level.

Exposure: Predominantly level with western exposure.

Microclimate: Situated fewer than 10 miles from San Pablo Bay, the cooling marine influence on this vineyard is profound. Morning fog and afternoon breezes lower the average daily temperature, creating an ideal climate for growing Chardonnay.

Soil: Sandy clay topsoil layer on top of clay and sandstone.

Trellis: Vertical Shoot Positioning (VSP) This trellis system supports the upright shoot growth of the vine and allows the vines to be trimmed to allow more sunlight onto the grapes and to control the growth of the vine.

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