Shirtail Creek Vineyard

Located in Monterey’s inland coastal valley, the cooling fog and maritime influences create a perfect site for Chardonnay rich with tropical notes and crisp acidity.

Vineyard Specifics

Acreage: 320.5 acres

Varietals Planted: Chardonnay

Elevation: 239 feet above sea level

Exposure: vineyard rows are north/south, predominantly southeast

Microclimate: Monterey’s coastal regions enjoy a long growing season controlled by maritime influences from nearby Monterey Bay.

Soil: Sandy and loam soil composed mostly of sand, silt, clay and organic matter. The soil is porous, allowing for moisture retention

Trellis: VSP, Vertical Shoot Positioning This allows for upright shoot growth and maintenance of growth allowing for good sunlight and wind exposure, controlling excessive vine growth.

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We are open Friday, Saturday & Sundays by reservations only.
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Health Precautions: Our Promise, Your Promise