Robilee Frederick

Born 1931, Evansville, Indiana
Lives in St. Helena, California

Mapping Light


Oil paint and silver powder on wood panels

Gray is the Color of Hope


Oil paint and wax on canvas

Fields of Light VIII


Oil paint on canvas

Illuminating Memory


Copper wire armature covered in gut, neon, steel stand

LIGHT has been a constant element in my art for a long time [and] much of my work has been involved with memory. Various materials used as analogies for light have created a luminosity that resonates with that fugitive quality of memory.

[I do] painting on canvases, work in mixed media, sculpture (sometimes using gut), burning with gunpowder, incense [or] candle, and work on Japanese tea paper. I also combine the use of translucent material, [such as] drafting tissue over neon light boxes. This actually creates two works of art in one; they each have their own integrity. Without the light, the piece is complete and when illuminated from behind there is different luminous quality to the images and color.

[My] inspirations have ranged from DNA patterns to recent interests in the labyrinth as well as the Neolithic geomancy of the spirals, parallel lines, circles and arcs; they continue to confound and intrigue me.

As I am walking the spiral path in my mind, I am searching to discover some clues to the mystery that surrounds our lives. Thus the path becomes a metaphor for the journey we take in this life.

Seeing light resides in the eye but knowing light resides in the soul.

Terra Icognita XXII


Sausage casings embedded in drafting tissue, mounted on acrylic boxes, hung over neon light