Georg Baselitz

Born 1938, Deutschbaselitz, East Germany

Lives in Amersee, Germany and Imperia

Der Marokkaner

(The Moroccan)


Cast Bronze, the rings of the original were sculpted in-place, around the figure, from a single piece of wood

23 Georg Baselitz

Self Portrait Disaster


Oil paint on canvas

Three Stripes – The Painter in a Coat , 2005

From the Remix Series

Oil paint on canvas



Gouache on paper

Frau Paganismus


Ayous wood carved with knife axe, and chainsaw. red paint

“I, Baselitz, as a Kelt have no angels like the Christian people (guardian angels, angels you can ask for help etc.), we Kelts only have ugly ghosts. Therefore, I have to create ugly sculptures”

– Georg Baselitz

Elke I – Derneburg


Oil paint on canvas