David Guffy, Director of Winemaking

David is in the vineyards year-round. "I learned very early that I have to walk the vines. During harvest, I continually taste the grapes to keep an eye on the maturity of flavors and tannins to ensure the best expression of a particular vineyard. As a student I loved Cabernet, especially from Napa Valley and it inspired me to go into winemaking. Now, I’m literally on top of Napa, making mountain Cabernets. Mountain fruit is different from valley floor fruit — and so are the wines.  They are structured, complex, rich wines, with distinctive tannins, ageability and concentrated fruit.”

A California native who grew up in San Jose, David spent summers with his grandparents on a 500-acre Kansas farm and has been at the forefront of sustainable vineyard practices. “Being environmentally conscious is not only the right thing to do, but in the end produces the best tasting wine.”